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More Star Guardian skins are finally coming to League

Or so it appears, by this teaser.

Riot Games

Update, 9/19: The skins have been announced!

Could there be more Star Guardian skins coming? It appears so, thanks to a tease posted on the League of Legends Facebook.

You are not alone. (☆◕‿◕☆)

Posted by League of Legends on Thursday, September 15, 2016

Currently, the only Star Guardian skin is Lux, pictured in the tease (hence the “You are not alone” text). But it’s been such a popular skin that it’s hard to think of a skin line that has been in a higher demand from fans. If you name a champion, there’s probably a Star Guardian concept out there for them somewhere.

The most popular request has been Star Guardian Urgot, which Reddit user brahlm8500 actually put into action with this fan-made design:

Other fan-made suggestions include Ezreal, Braum and Riven, but seriously, just Google “Star Guardian” and a champion name and you will probably find something.

In the teaser image, there are two pink stars and two blue falling from the sky. That would seem to suggest as many as four Star Guardian skins are coming, but it’s pretty difficult to glean any more than that from the image, as so many champions share (or could possibly share) those color schemes.