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Ekko merchandise chronobreaks into the Riot store

...get it?

Riot Games

Some special Ekko-themed goodies have arrived in the Riot merch shop, including two t-shirts and a mini figurine.

The figure follows the same “chibi” theme the other $25 figures have, sporting a big head, large eyes and a tiny body. He’s posed, ready to fight on a pile of (what looks like) scrap metal.

The two shirts, a PROJECT: Ekko tee that matches the older PROJECT merch, and another green t-shirt are both $25 each.

The dark green shirt features a very stylistic version of him posing with some unknown language written next to him. We can only assume that this is a language from Runeterra. Maybe it’s the writing the champions use in Ekko’s home faction, Zaun?

The older Ekko tee also has this cryptic language at the bottom of the shirt.

We don’t know what it translates to, but maybe Riot will release a “how to write in Zaun” guide in the future. We want to be in on the joke, too.