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The 5 most exciting group stage matchups at 2016 Worlds

Why do we have to wait two more weeks?

Riot Games

The Worlds groups are out, which means the Worlds group stage schedule is out, and boy howdy are there a lot of games to be excited about.

But what if you only want to be excited about a certain number of games? Like, a nice, round number, perfect for a headline ... like five! Five games! Oh have you come to the right place.

And if you want to know about more than just five, don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of coverage, including a full viewing guide leading up to Worlds. We’ve already predicted the results, ranked all 16 teams and declared TSM’s Group D the Group of Death.

So without further ado, here are the five games I’m most excited for, in order of when they happen.

All times Eastern.

Sunday, October 2

SKTelecom T1 vs. Flash Wolves, 11 p.m. - It seems to me a lot of people are down on the LMS this year, but the Flash Wolves have historically given Korean teams a hard time in international events, most recently SKT at MSI.

Saturday, October 8

Samsung Galaxy vs. Royal Never Give Up, 7 p.m. - These two teams enter the tournament with different trajectories: Samsung on a high after running through the Regional Finals for an upset bid to get here, and Royal on a slightly-less-high after an underwhelming Summer Split ended up with a second-place finish.

Royal Never Give Up vs. Team SoloMid, 9 p.m. - If TSM hopes to make it out of that tough group, it’s going to have to win tough games like this. But the real reason I’m excited here is Uzi vs. Doublelift. AAAAAAAAH.

Sunday, October 9

Cloud9 vs. SKTelecom T1, 5 p.m. - Impact vs. SKT, POOOOOGCHAAAAAAAMP.

Flash Wolves vs. SKTelecom T1, 9 p.m. - It’s so nice, I had to include this matchup twice.