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Aegis of the Legion is probably being removed from League

It’s become a must-buy for supports, which makes it a problem.

Riot Games

If you’ve played support this season, you’ve probably noticed one thing in your item builds: after Sightstone and boots, it’s time to rush Locket of the Iron Solari if the enemy team has literally any magic damage.

The defensive item that builds out of Aegis of the Legion, Locket has crowded out other items in the support pool just because of how strong it is. In addition to Aegis’s aura of magic resistance that helps defend the entire team, Locket’s active also provides an additional group shield.

Lead Champion Designer Andrei 'Meddler' van Roon Meddler posted on the boards that Locket “or at least it’s [sic] aura” will probably be removed in the pre-season.

We'll probably remove Locket, or at least it's aura, in the pre-season. It's made it pretty difficult to offer supports genuine item choices because of just how mandatory an option it's been, even with the nerfed aura.

Meddler said the team considered removing the item earlier in the season, but that the consequences from such a move needed more consideration.

A couple of things have stopped us from removing it earlier though. We talked about doing so back around 6.12, taking that much mid game MR away's potentially has some pretty big impact on the balance of entire classes though. That suggested that, unless it was an urgent change, pre-season would be a better time. The other issue was that while Locket creates some problems it does fill a valuable niche of tanky item that helps you protect your allies. As a result we didn't want to remove it without adding at least one replacement item that served that same function.

Meddler also said the team has considered making the item only affect one ally, like Zeke’s Harbinger.

As for Banner of Command, the offensive item that builds out of Aegis, now answer has been given there, but it’s safe to imagine if the item is removed a similar replacement will be offered.