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Predicting the results of the 2016 Worlds Group Stage

The groups are out, and we’re a day removed from the draw. Who advances and who gets sent home?

Riot Games

After weeks of waiting, we finally found out the groups for this season’s Worlds in North America. With two-and-a-half weeks in between now and the start of the tournament, there’s plenty of growth for some of those teams to go through (especially those currently practicing in Korea), but after a season of play we have a fairly good idea of how they all stand.

The tournament starts September 29 in San Francisco with the group stage. Each team will play the other three teams in its group twice, with the top two teams from each group advancing to the next round.

Entering the group draw, the likely favorites for the tournament were Korean champions ROX Tigers, Chinese champions EDward Gaming (my current pick to win it all) and defending Worlds champions SK Telecom T1. Those teams likely remain the heaviest favorites, but the group draw gave us some intriguing matchups that could make life harder for some of the top-end teams in the field.

Here’s how I think it’ll turn out (although I expect this to change by the time the tournament starts). Group D is the toughest one to call in the field, in my opinion.

Group A:

  1. ROX Tigers 5-1
  2. G2 Esports 3-3
  3. Counter Logic Gaming 2-4
  4. Albus Nox 1-5

Group B:

  1. SK Telecom T1 5-1
  2. Flash Wolves 4-2
  3. I May 2-4
  4. Cloud9 1-5

Group C:

  1. EDward Gaming 6-0
  2. ahq e-Sports Club 3-3
  3. H2K 2-4
  4. INTZ e-Sports 1-5

Group D:

  1. Royal Never Give Up 4-2
  2. Team SoloMid 3-3
  3. Samsung Galaxy 3-3
  4. Splyce 2-4

You can make your own picks at the Lolesports Pick ‘Em page.