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Here are the groups for 2016 Worlds

TSM gets handed a tough group.

Riot Games

The group draw for Worlds 2016 took place Saturday, separating the 16-team field into four groups. Here they are:

Group A:

ROX Tigers

G2 Esports

Counter Logic Gaming

Albus Nox

Group B:

Flash Wolves

SK Telecom T1

I May


Group C:

EDward Gaming

ahq e-Sports Club


INTZ e-Sports

Group D:

Team SoloMid

Royal Never Give Up

Samsung Galaxy


The teams were placed into three different pools based on how they qualified for the tournament. The champions of the top four regions from MSI (LCK, NA LCS, LPL, LMS) earned a spot in Pool 1, eight teams (including the champions from Europe and the remaining four combined teams from China and Korea) were put into Pool 2 and the remaining four teams (the third-place LCS teams and both IWC qualifiers) placed into Pool 3.

Each group will have one Pool 1 team, two teams from Pool 2 and one from Pool 3. No group can have more than one team from any single region. The group stage will be a double round robin, meaning each team will play every other team in its group twice. The top two teams from each group will advance to the Knockout Stage.

Worlds start September 29 with the group stage in San Francisco and will run through October 29 with the finals in Los Angeles.