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All Random Ultra Rapid Fire is going to bring the best (or worst) of both game modes

ARURF sounds like a manatee onomatopoeia. Just FYI.

Riot Games

All Random Ultra Rapid Fire (or ARURF) was added to the rotating game mode queue and debuted during the weekend of September 23, 2016. This weekend it is back and ready to frustrate the hell out of everyone who has to play as Udyr.

As the name implies, it is a combined version of All Random All Mid and Ultra Rapid Fire played on Summoner’s Rift. Though you get bans in normal URF, many players grow tired of fighting against the same over-powered team comps that feature Sona, Lux and the like. Here, everyone gets an equally terrible chance at rolling an OP champion!

The idea of randomizing the champion for URF is a good one. Typically people want to play champions that would obviously be broken with no mana costs or low cooldowns, like Zed, Karma and Ezreal. What people don’t realize is that some of the champions you wouldn’t expect to be strong are pretty dang good, like Dr. Mundo or Tryndamere.

Some players may worry that since people only want to play URF to go ham on the champion of their choosing, dodging will be more common in this game mode’s champion select. Dodging isn’t entirely common in ARAM, so ARURF should be fine. Probably.

Around ARURF’s debut, Riot L4T3NCY confirmed that there is a increased dodge timer in this game mode. It won’t be close to Nemesis Drafts’ two hours, but Riot wants to make it fair.

There isn’t really a lot of advice to give regarding success in ARURF. So the Rift Herald’s official stance here is fight. All. The. Time. Never stop not fighting. Punch and slash and arcane shift your way to victory. Well, unless you are playing against Sona, in which case you should [STRATEGY REDACTED]. With that advice, you should have no problems. Good luck and have fun!