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Rengar’s assassin update will add a “game-changer” ability, counter-play to his ultimate


Riot Games

League of Legends game designer David “Repertoir” Capurro teased Rengar’s new kit that’ll be in the upcoming assassin update.

The hunter tends to be a big problem in game once he gets going and he’s known to be one of the more difficult assassins to deal with.

All of his damage comes from smashing down on all those keys when he finds his prey. Most Rengar players know to build his ferocity up to four or five stacks before going for prey. Repertoir noted that Riot is trying to change the mechanics behind ferocity, making it so he’ll have to have it built up during a fight for a more reliable empowered skill.

Rengar players deserve adrenaline-pumping, healthbar-chunking button presses, but they shouldn’t all come out in the same instant, and they should have degrees of failure and success. His new empowered W is looking to be a game-changer.

Riot will also be updating his Bonetooth Necklace, since the rewards, like jumping further or running faster, should just be built directly into him so his opponents can get used to the upgrades. Rather than having to think, “What the hell just happened?” after a Rengar jumps halfway across the lane and then realizing that he has a huge amount of passive stacks, people should be able to predict how far he can jump before it happens.

Rengar’s ultimate, Thrill of the Hunt, will also be changed to give opponents better counter-play, since the exclamation point tends to pop up too late to properly react. Despite this, Rengar will still be able to outwit people using his ultimate if he plays it smart.

The assassin update is set to come during the preseason, after Worlds. Riot has also hinted at what changes we’ll see for Talon.