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5 things to know about League Patch 6.16

The one with Kled, and other things too!

Riot Games

Playoffs have started around the world in competitive League and we’re fast approaching Worlds, so patch notes are getting smaller after some fairly large changes last time.

This time, there are slight adjustments to overperforming (Sona) and underperforming (Lulu, Nautilus) supports, as well as some changes to Irelia’s passive and exciting new skins.

Oh ... and there’s the newest champion, Kled! The murderous yordle was teased a few weeks ago, and he’s finally headed to the rift For a closer look at his abilities, click here, and for a guide, click here!

You can read the full patch notes here, but here's the important stuff:

  1. Kled’s here, y’all

That’s right! League’s newest champion arrives with this patch.

2. Changes to Irelia’s passive

Irelia’s started to fall off the competitive scene a little bit after a big resurgence earlier in the year, but she’s still a very tough champion to deal with in the top lane. One of the things that makes her special is her unique interaction with crowd control, especially when outnumbered.

Previously, Irelia would be granted tenacity (reducing crowd control) based on the number of nearby enemies. Now, it’ll compare the number of nearby enemy champions to nearby ally champions, and apply the tenacity thusly.

MORE OF US THAN THEM :: 0% tenacity

EVENLY MATCHED :: 10% tenacity

MORE OF THEM THAN US :: 25/30/35/40% tenacity (at levels 1/6/11/16)

3. Sona nerfs

Sona’s recent rework sent her win rate sky-high, and even the hotfix and nerf that immediately followed weren’t enough to set her right. Now there’s a new pair of nerfs targeted at her early game power.

Sona’s self movement speed and ally movement speed ratio have been lowered on her E, while the basic ability cooldown that comes with her ultimate has been reduced significantly in the early game.

E - Song of Celerity

SELF MOVEMENT SPEED :: 13/14/15/16/17% >>> 10/11/12/13/14%

ALLY MOVEMENT SPEED RATIO :: 0.8 ability power >>> 0.6 ability power

R - Crescendo

BASIC ABILITY COOLDOWN REDUCTION :: 20/30/40% >>> 10/25/40%

4. Nautilus and Lulu buffs

Two supports that haven’t been seeing much play, they’re also getting very different tweaks. Nautilus’s ultimate, which previously locked down and knocked up a single target, will now also stun any targets that it passes through.

Meanwhile Lulu, who was recently given more power as a support (and less as a solo laner) has received further buffs to her W, reducing the cooldown on the ability and giving it more bonus attack speed.

W - Whimsy

COOLDOWN :: 18/16.5/15/13.5/12 seconds >>> 16/15/14/13/12 seconds

BONUS ATTACK SPEED :: 15/20/25/30/35% >>> 25/30/35/40/45%

5. SKT skins!

You’ve been waiting, and they’re finally here. These skins were first announced early in the year, but after significant pushback on the quality they were redesigned, adding a sixth skin (Azir, for substitute mid laner Easyhoon) and subbing out Sivir for Kalista.

To recap, the skins are SKT Renekton, SKT Elise (Bengi’s second skin), SKT Ryze (Faker’s second skin), SKT Azir, SKT Kalista and SKT Alistar:

Riot Games


The skins will be available after Patch 6.16 goes live, which should be either Tuesday or Wednesday.