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Kled’s champion spotlight shows what the newest yordle can do

He’s coming!

Riot Games

Riot dropped Kled’s champion spotlight, which means we can expect his arrival sometime this week. The champion spotlight shows off some great combos to destroy your enemies, so you should definitely take a look.

The yordle and lizard duo made their first appearance in PC cafes and gaming venues around the world, where Kled was desperately looking for his companion, Skaarl. Since then, he was revealed during EU LCS.

We know he’s a hybrid melee and ranged top laner with great mobility and engage. If you haven’t seen what his abilities can do, you should peep our introduction to him here.

Kled’s skills and kit has a lot of neat interactions that you can’t really see in the champion spotlight. His health scales separately from Skaarl’s, he has a small passive cooldown and Warmog’s Armor even works on Kled when he’s not on Skaarl! For a full list of interactions and tips, you can look at our mini guide.