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Yorick’s rework is apparently coming soon™ but he won’t be at Worlds

Everything has an expiration date. Even Yorick’s kit.

Riot Games

Update, 8/22: The new Yorick champion model has been released, and it looks good!

Update, 8/23: The full rework has been revealed, abilities and all!

Andrei "Meddler" van Roon dropped that Yorick’s long-anticipated rework is coming sometime between patch 6.19 and 6.21 several weeks ago. More recently, an Italian rioter announced that his rework will be out earlier between patch 6.18 and 6.20.

Meddler did note that if he came out on 6.18 (which is the patch Worlds is played on,) he will most likely be disabled.

Riot teased the upcoming rework with this photo of a shovel:

Publicado por League of Legends em Sexta, 19 de agosto de 2016

According to a Reddit translation, the Italian rioter notes that Yorick will have some big changes. He notes that he will have a whole new mechanic to him

We already know that Yorick is going to receive a major facelift, similar to how huge Sion’s rework was.

There haven’t really been any further details on what his rework entails, but we can expect a big post about it from Riot soon. (The PBE cycle for patch 6.17 will be starting soon, so 6.18 is very close!)

Will he still have cute little ghosts? Will he keep his weird half-revive ultimate? We’ll just have to wait and find out.