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This Pokemon and League crossover is amazing

Okay, who fed the Snorlax?

Youtuber Disco Heat made a Pokémon and League of Legends crossover using custom skins for his game and it’s pretty cool.

We’ve got Ziggs as Ash Ketchum and Red Brambleback as Arcanine (with little Growlithes.)

Twisted Fate is skinned as the male protagonist from Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen and the scuttle crab as a Magikarp.

There’s also Gragas as Snorlax, Lulu as the female protagonist from Pokémon X and Y, and Kennen as Pikachu.

Lee Sin gets a sweet Blaziken skin (which is my favorite) and Sivir is a Marowak.

The video itself is pretty silly, partially due to the multi-lingual Pokémon theme song, but it’s also strangely enjoyable. Disco Beat makes some pretty good plays. I mean, after all, the video would suck if it just featured him dying over and over in Pokémon skins.

Since Riot will more than likely never make actual Pokémon skins, we’ll have to settle for these silly mods for now.

/via r/LoL