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Piglet says good-bye on Twitter and now everyone is sad

Who put these onions here? )’:

Riot Games

Former world champion AD carry Gwang-jin “Piglet” Chae posted a farewell to Los Angeles on his Twitter account and it’s got other pros feeling all the feels. Piglet joined Team Liquid in early 2015 as one of the highest-profile signings in North American League history, after leaving SK Telecom T1. His sudden departure from TL’s lineup earlier this split was just as shocking, and now it appears he’s leaving the region for good.

A large portion of the Team Liquid family gave sad little good-byes in response.

In response, Piglet tells the team the “cheer up” multiple times.

Echo Fox’s AD-carry, Yuri “Keith” Jew apologized for Piglet’s leave, since Echo Fox beat out Team Liquid Academy in the promotion tournament.

Even Cloud9’s Andy “Smoothie” Ta and Immortals’ Adrian “Adrian” Ma were sad about Piglet’s departure.

No official statement has been posted by Piglet or Team Liquid, but it’s probably safe to assume that he will no longer be playing with Team Liquid. Whether he’s retiring or just going back to play in Korea is unknown.