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Level 1 clownfiesta results in 10 deaths, many ulcers


Youtuber Forgesx uploaded a video of an awful level one skirmish that results in 10 deaths total. Words can’t really explain how vile it is, so you should just watch it yourself.

Forgesx notes that this elo is from platinum one to diamond five, but this looks like something straight out of bronze. There was definitely potential for flashy plays, but...they just didn’t work out so well.

The video starts out with the blue team trying to invade the red team because the blue team has a Blitzcrank. Blitz lands his pull on the enemy Ezreal, forcing him to blow his heal and flash. For most teams, that’d be a victory enough, but no, Blitzcrank desires more.

He proceeds to flash over the wall to follow the Ezreal and ignite him, despite the fact that the red team has a Janna that simply shields the Ezreal safely. The rest of the team gets involved in fighting now that Blitzcrank is in a tight spot and chaos ensues.

We can laugh and cringe at this video, but...isn’t this video representative of all of us sometimes? Aren’t we all the Gragas that misses the bodyslam because of the Blitzcrank pull sometimes?

/via /r LoL