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Orianna’s probably getting buffed soon

The ball is angry (that Orianna is in a bad place right now.)

Riot Games

Orianna has been underperforming for quite a bit now and Rioter Andrei “Meddler” van Roon has noted that she might be seeing some positive changes soon.

He stated that she will most likely see a percentage increase on Command: Dissonance and some lower cooldowns on Command: Shockwave.

Orianna sports a low 48.69 percent win-rate on, and is definitely not the best mage right now.

One player suggested making her ultimate cost a flat 100 mana at every rank, rather than 100/125/150. Meddler responded saying that the idea sounded pretty good and that he’ll pass it on to the team.

Orianna has only been picked twice in the Summer Split throughout every region and only 30 times during the whole season. This is a significant decrease from the 217 times she was picked throughout season five.

With the absurd strength of other mages like Malzahar, Swain and Vladimir, it’s unknown if these buffs will be enough to put her in the big leagues, but hey, it’s better than nothing.