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Potential Jhin nerfs incoming

Riot believes Jhin is far from perfect.

Riot Games

Rioter Andrei 'Meddler' van Roon has noted on the League of Legends message boards that the company is working on adjusting Jhin.

He stated that they’re currently testing a lower AD ratio on Deadly Flourish and making scaling adjustments to the movement speed bonuses he gets post-critical strike.

Jhin is in an okay place in non-competitive. According to, he has a 53.55 percent win-rate. It’s not shockingly high, but he’s definitely up there on the current ADC tier list. He’s more of a problem in the competitive scene.

His win-rates in LCK, LCS and LPL aren’t high, with none of them going above 50 percent. His performance isn’t even anything outstanding in LCS and LPL when it comes to KDA.

However, in Korea, when Jhin wins, he stomps. His Korean KDA is 5.7 in the 2016 Summer Split, according to To compare, Ashe and Lucian’s KDA is 3.7. So yeah, Jhin is kind of strong in comparison.

Meddler also talked a bit about changes to Duskblade of Draktarr and Youmuu’s Ghostblade to come during the preseason. Riot is considering making the items melee-only, and since both of those items are core on Jhin, this could potentially hurt the marksman a lot.