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New chromas are coming to League, and you’ll be able to buy them with IP

Make Shockblade Zed look like whichever Power Ranger you like!

Riot Games first added chroma skin variants to League about a year ago, but a variety of problems kept the concept from really taking off. In a detailed post on Riot’s boards Friday, Skin Team Personalization product manager SuperCakes broke down the changes coming to the chroma system, including some new skin variants.

Chromas will now be able to be purchased individually as well as in bundles (previously, you could only buy them in bundles) and more efforts were made to improve chromas with “with revamped color schemes, patterns, and textures.”

But the biggest change is likely how buying them works. Chromas will be 290 RP each, with discounts available on bundles. But there will now be IP sales twice a year, where you can buy chromas. The first one will take place from August 25, 2016 to September 8, 2016. (including all launched before August 2016)

Here are some images pulled by Surrenderat20 from the latest client update that also leaked new Arcade Ahri, Ezreal and Corki skins.

Arcade Miss Fortune

Cottontail Teemo

Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao

High Noon Yasuo

Shockblade Zed