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Arcade Ahri, Ezreal and Corki skins revealed after accidental leak

Welp. Might as well show them off if they’re already out there.

Riot Games

Riot has been pushing changes onto the alpha version of the upcoming client and the company accidentally released early splash arts for upcoming arcade skins for Ahri and Corki.

After the release, they decided to just show off the skins early, releasing on their Instagram. A YouTube mirror was posted and it can be seen below.

Arcade Ezreal has a very RPG feel to him, with a Final Fantasy-esque backing animation, complete with silly fanfare music. Corki is definitely a cute Space Invaders reference. Ahri’s skin makes her look a bit like Fox McCloud from Star Fox!

In the past, Riot has released Arcade skins for Riven, Sona, Hecarim and Miss Fortune. There has also been Battle Boss Blitzcrank and Final Boss Veigar, which also go with the video game theme.

These skins will be on PBE for testing soon and they’re most likely for the 6.17 cycle.