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Talon’s upcoming update will focus on roaming, target destruction

Knives! And more knives!

Riot Games

League of Legends’ next roster update will be assassin-focused, which means some of your favorite champions (or least favorite, depending) are getting some changes. Part of the idea behind the changes is to better differentiate between the champions in that group, so that the "best" of the bunch (Zed) doesn’t just dominate the pool.

Riot has said there will be four major reworks as well as a number of smaller reworks. One of those champions is Talon. Riot Stashu offered up a preview of what his changes might look like on the boards.

Talon has always been a major missed opportunity -- he promises to be a stealthy-yet-flashy agile rogue, but manifests in game as more of a reckless AoE damage bomb [...] We believe that trading in some of that brute force for a more skillful and acrobatic realization of his could-be-cool theme will land the champion in a much better place.

Secondarily, Talon suffers some big overlap problems with other Assassins, namely the melee bunch like Kha’Zix, Akali, and Zed. They have their differences, to be sure, but we think there’s a lot more room there to set them apart.

So what can you expect to actually see from the update? Stashu offered up more details there, too.

Riot wants to increase Talon’s roaming presence, leaning into one of his strengths, as well as extending his burst window ("when all [the] damage comes out before the would-be victims can react, that’s a big problem. Try not to worry though, we’re not talking about much time here, even half a second could mean a LOT for these guys"), and having more focused-target destruction ("while there’s nothing wrong with having some AoE damage, when you accidentally get a quadrakill by just doing your job and aiming for the fed enemy Twitch, something’s not right").

The assassin update is expected to hit this upcoming preseason, so expect to see new Talon in around January.