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League’s new chef skins now have a delicious splash art

I’m hungry.

Riot Games

Barbeque Leona, Baker Pantheon, Butcher Olaf and Sashimi Akali’s shared splash art was uploaded onto the Public Beta Environment and shared by the lovely Moobeat.

The splash features the four champions huddled together with food that they’ve made. You can also see a blurry Master Chef Tahm Kench in the background. I don’t know who invited him, but I have a feeling his appetite is way too big for them.

Riot revealed Baker Pantheon with a cute video showing how to make bread and the rest of the set made their way on to PBE.

But one question remains. Why are Barbeque Leona and Sashimi Akali named after food rather than being named after the people who prepare it? We don’t know. Grill Master Leona and Itamae Akali would have been fine with us!

The new skins should be coming in patch 6.18, but if you can’t wait, you can test them on PBE now!