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New, stronger anti-scripting program added to League’s Korean server

Riot Korea has Smite ready.

Riot Games

Scripting used to be a major problem in the Korean server. Many players used programs that were against Riot’s terms and conditions that let their character automatically dodge or land skill shots.

In Korea, you need your personal birth code (the equivalent to a social security number), in order to make an account for online games. In League of Legends’ case, you can only make three accounts per birth code and if one account gets banned for scripting, they all do. Because of this, a lot of scripters have been permanently banned.

Riot Korea has worked with Wellbia, a Korean company that creates anti-scripting programs for games. The new League of Legends scripting detector has been lovingly called Demacia by the company, after the faction that champions like Lux, Garen and Poppy hail from. The faction is all about delivering justice, so it’s a cute fit.

The program apparently scans your computer through the client for the scripting programs and flags your account for review to be banned permanently within a few days. The FAQ for Demacia states that the program does not take any personal information and it doesn’t even scan your hard drive to find the scripts.

We are working with the company that developed Xigncode3 to develop a new anticheat solution.

However the anticheat solution being implemented onto League of Legends will be specifically catered towards LoL only, and so 'red flags' the community has raised such as performance issues, file scans, spyware will not occur. If there was such an issue, the code would not have passed our Client Development team's testing.

We have analyzed your concerns over this issue, and we assure you this new anticheat solution is a newly developed solution that prevents the negative issues surrounding the previous program. If we were to use the previous solution we would have just implemented it last year.

- Riot Runeterra on Inven

Some players claimed the new anticheat program was Xigncode3, a program used across multiple games in Asia that has caused spyware problems. But Riot Korea said the program is a completely new one called Demacia, and Riot Runeterra of the Riot Korea Communications Department said it was "highly likely" the Xigncode3 rumor was started by scripting sites to make Riot sound untrustworthy, per Reddit's translation of their remarks.ka

Demacia sounds solid, but the problem is that since most scripters have been permanently banned already on all of their accounts, they have been reverting to hacking into other players’ accounts to script. Anyone who is a victim to being hacked and then banned for scripting is urged to contact Riot Korea to talk to them one-on-one about it.

There is no statement on whether or not this program will roll out to other regions.

via r/LoL