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Zed’s Championship splash art looks bad (in a good way)


Riot Games

The Public Beta Environment updated giving us a look at Championship Zed’s new splash art and boy, does it look bad ass.

Moobeat posted the splash art fresh from PBE on Twitter today and the edge-lord that is Zed has never looked better. The dark lighting really reflects his dark theme while also making the shiny silvers on his armor more eye-catching! The over-the-shoulder pose really shows what a cool tough guy Zed is.

Zed’s skin is really lacking any cool blue particles when he’s idle, like the way Championship Kalista and Thresh have, but this super cool splash art makes up for that.

Zed was revealed as the recipient of this season’s Championship skin, since the one remaining position left was a mid-laner.

Riot also revealed that this year, players will be able to buy Championship Riven, who has never come out of the legacy vault prior to this year. Players who own her skin already will be compensated with exclusive particles and a cool border for the loading screen.

Championship Zed (as well as the other Championship skins) should be made available for purchase before Worlds starts, but you can test him out on the PBE now!