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Have some fun with this explosive AD Sion build


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Hi. My name is Pete, and I run this here website you’re reading. I also am a Sion main. I like Sion because he can be a deceptively versatile champion with multiple builds, and he can be played at nearly every position (the only one I haven’t played him in is AD Carry).

One of my favorite things to do with Sion is build full attack damage as a mid laner. There aren’t many mid laners I feel comfortable blind-picking, but Sion is one of them because the enemy team never expects it to go in the mid lane, saving me from getting counter-picked.

The thing about AD Sion is it does a ridiculous amount of damage ... especially after you die. Often times you can ult in from across the map, spam your abilities and do a bunch of damage, die, and then clean up for at least a triple kill. Especially at lower elos, enemies often do not respect Sion’s damage from his passive, and carries who forget and walk past you after you die are easy targets.

It is also vitally important to use the Mecha Zero Sion skin (pictured above), because it is rad as hell. Thanks.

Here’s the item build I suggest:

Summoner spells: TP and flash

Don’t bring Ignite. You do enough damage that you don’t need it, and Sion gets a ton of value out of TP (both in getting back to lane and making more cross-map plays).

Starting item: Long sword + potions

You’re not going to auto-attack enough for Doran’s Blade to be worth it, and it’s better for you to start on your Ghostblade build than to get a Crystalline Flask for lane sustain.

1st item: Youmuu’s Ghostblade

This item gives you a lot of good things! Attack damage, cooldown reduction and the active helps you chase down targets.

2nd item: Boots of Swiftness

Crowd control is super annoying against AD Sion, and this helps mitigate that a bit and allows your roams to be even better. Also, no other boots really fit AD Sion all that well.

3rd item: Duskblade of Draktharr

Here’s where the magic really starts happening. You may have noticed that there are a lot of armor penetration items on this build. That’s because AD Sion destroys enemy carries.

4th item: Maw of Malmortius

Yep, more armor penetration. If you’re up against an AP top laner or an AP heavy team, you can build this before Duskblade.

5th item: Trinity Force

A little bit greedy, but Trinity Force is an extremely good item that gives you cooldown reduction and a ton of additional damage.

6th item: Iceborn Gauntlet

OR Lord Dominik’s Regards

Iceborn Gauntlet really helps you stick to targets (it’s often a staple of tank Sion builds as well), especially if your team lacks CC, but Lord Dominik’s is a must last-buy if the enemy team has a lot of tanks.


(via Tastypotatox’s Lolking guide)

It’s all about the armor penetration.


Seals: ARMOR / LVL

Glyphs: MR / LVL



This is what i use, also based on Tastypotatox’s guide. Thunderlord’s helps add a lot to your burst.

Now go forth and kill some things!