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How to tell the difference between invulnerable or untargetable in League

Glowing HP bars, faded HP bars -- we’re here to tell you what it means.

There are a ton of different status effects in League of Legends, and it can be hard to keep track. Especially with new champions and recent champion reworks like Bard, Kindred and Taric adding more and more invulnerable or untargetable abilities, it’s important to be able to quickly tell the difference in-game.

Good news! A solution is coming. Senior Champion Update QA Analyst Ququroon announced on Twitter upcoming differentiation on health bars when a target is either invulnerable or untargetable (or both!), with SurrenderAt20’s Moobeat helpfully following up with visual cues.

Invulnerable — glowing HP bar

Examples: Taric ultimate, Kayle ultimate

When a target is invulnerable, you can still target and hit them (and crowd control), but they do not take damage.

Untargetable — faded HP bar

Examples: Fizz E, Vlad W

When a target is untargetable, it can still take damage (from Ignite, Grievous Wounds or other damage-over-time abilities) but can not be targeted.

Invulnerable & untargetable — glowing & faded HP bar

Examples: Zhonya’s Hourglass, Lissandra ultimate

When a target is both invulnerable and untargetable, they can neither take damage nor be targeted.

A player asked Ququroon if there would be one coming for un-crowd controllable targets (like Olaf’s ultimate), and while Ququroon said it’s a good idea, there are no plans for it at the moment.