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The new PROJECT merch is sweet, but still kind of questionable

Why do I have to own a PROJECT in-game item to buy a hoodie?

Riot Games

To go with the new PROJECT: Ashe, Katarina and Ekko skins, Riot has bestowed upon us more sweet gear from their merch shop.

Products include action figures, t-shirts and more, but one thing in the merch shop definitely strikes as odd.

The cool project hoodie can only be bought if you play League of Legends with in-game PROJECT gear.

Unlock access to the PROJECT: Hoodie (Quest Edition) by reppin' PROJECT in game. Log in, activate the quest under “My Quests,” and win 3 matchmade games playing with any PROJECT skin, ward skin or summoner icon by 8/15/16.

- the Riot PROJECT merch shop

What? So in order to buy the $45 hoodie, which doesn’t release until October, you have to buy in-game content as well.

The rest of the stuff available is cool, though it seems like a lot the bigger items are only available for pre-order.

The PROJECT: Zed and Fiora action figures, which are $20, don’t release until December. It’s also noted that the images of the figures are 3D renders, so that’s not exactly what the figures will look like upon release.

Since the price range is pretty low, it’s hard to predict what they’ll look like. (We know that the quality won’t be as good as Good Smile Company’s Yasuo figma.) Let’s just hope that it doesn’t end up like the Ahri “statue” that was pulled back due to massive quality complaints.

There’s also a $50 bundle that is PROJECT: Yi themed, that comes with a hat, bracelet, lanyard, shirt, mousepad and a collectable card.

This stuff is likely to only be around for a limited time, so get it while you can (if you want.)