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Bjergsen: ‘Everyone kind of wanted to play Teemo’

Entering the final day of LCS regular season play, Team SoloMid had already locked up the No. 1 seed by sweeping Immortals the day before. With only a series against relegation candidates NRG Esports remaining, a tweet by TSM’s owner went viral, meaning TSM would have to lock in Teemo in one of the games.

How did the players react? Luckily, theScore esports’ William “scarra” Li caught up with TSM mid laner Søren "Bjergsen" Bjerg after the games, and it turns out nearly everyone wanted to play Teemo.

I really wanted to win with a Teemo pick still ... everyone kind of wanted to play Teemo, except for Sven, who said ‘if I play Teemo I’m just going to feed,’ Doublelift wanted to play AD Carry Teemo, I wanted to play mid Teemo, but I think top Teemo’s probably the best or safest pick, so yeah. It was just a fun tweet that Andy made and I don’t think anyone really realized or thought it was going to get to 20k retweets so it was pretty ridiculous but it’s also really fun for the fans and for our last game.

TSM will have a first-round bye in the playoffs before likely playing the winner of Counter Logic Gaming vs. Team Liquid (unless Team Envy pulls off a miraculous upset of Cloud9. Bjergsen said he’d rather play against CLG, if he had the choice.

I feel like TL is a team that, they can play really poorly but they can also play really amazingly. We scrim them, and when we scrim them it’s always 50/50. Either they just perform super well and we learn a lot of stuff from them, or they just kind of fall short. They’re a very emotional and kind of tilty team, but I’m always kind of scared going against TL because I never know if it’s this amazing, world-contending TL that’s going to show up or if it’s just like average TL. I think CLG’s a more consistent team, they play very similarly each game and it’s a lot easier to read them.

Bjergsen also guaranteed a record third NA LCS championship for TSM, saying “I mean yeah, we’re going to win the split for sure.”

Bjergsen also discussed the mid lane meta, NRG as a team and the split as a whole. Give the video a watch!