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A weird bug is forcing some skillshots to go the wrong way

It’s being fixed in Patch 6.18.

A weird bug in League of Legends is causing some skillshots to go the entirely wrong direction, as first reported by Reddit user mordorsfridge Monday.

If you fire a skillshot while hovering over your champion’s icon or the minimap, instead of firing in the direction of the mouse (like it’s supposed to), the skillshot will instead fire the way the champion is facing.

Here’s an example of the bug, from mordorsfridge (using the fresh new Arcade Ezreal skin, so enjoy).

Riot Koalifier confirmed that this was the issue Monday on Reddit.

Hey hey, thanks for the report! We've got a fix for this in 6.18. The random-direction skillshots happen when you hover your mouse over your champ portrait or minimap. If you want to mitigate the issue for now, try scaling down your minimap/HUD.

Patch 6.18 is scheduled to be released next week, likely on Wednesday. It is the patch Worlds will be played on in September and October.