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League crowd forced to leave deciding game of Chinese Worlds qualifier due to curfew

Stadium closes, forces series to end after the arena is emptied.


Fans attending the LPL Regional Qualifiers in the Guangzhou International Sports Arena in China were forced to leave the stadium as the series between Team World Elite and Snake Esports entered its fifth game.

According to multiple tweets from the LPL’s English casters the arena closed just before 10 O'clock Guangzhou local time. Both of the day’s two scheduled series (both featuring Snake) went to five games, meaning this was Snake’s 10th game of the day. Alongside regular production breaks this lead to an almost 11 hours broadcast, crossing into the Arena’s closing time.

LPL media outlet PentaQ Esports said the closure was due to a curfew in Guangzhou where the event was held.

The stadium empty was an eerie sight:

After the spectators were forced to leave the closing arena, the series continued after a short 30 minute break and was finished in the empty arena. Team WE won the game, advancing to the final round. The LPL’s Regional Qualifier will conclude Saturday evening at 12 a.m. ET, when Team WE faces off against I May.