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EU LCS series delayed 40 minutes due to bizarre champion locking bug

Champion locking bug leads to almost 40 minute delay in EU LCS Third Place Series

During the draft phase in the second game of the EU LCS’s Third Place series between Unicorns of Love vs H2K, the teams encounter a strange bug that resulted in random champions being locked in, rather than the team’s desired picks.

The bug was first noticed when Move appeared to lock in Azir as the Unicorns of Love’s second pick. Due to Azir’s weakness on the current patch the casters immediately assumed an error had occurred. The teams returned to the lobby to attempt picks and bans again, but the bug occurred two more times before it was decided that Riot’s Quality Control team would take a moment to investigate the problem.

After their investigation, and an almost 40 minute delay, champion select was finally completed correctly and the series was able to continue.