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HTC says Riot threatened to fine TSM for Vive video

Riot allegedly accused TSM of an “advertisement for another game.”

Team SoloMid owner Andy “Reginald” Dinh linked a TwitLonger where he explained that TSM had released a video in partnership with HTC that Riot tried to force them to remove. This was all part of the drama that has been going down with Riot and team owners.

The video was the team using an HTC Vive to play Raw Data. Reginald claimed that Riot said that the YouTube channel needed to remove the video or else TSM could potentially face fines.

HTC eSports then released their own statement about the video.

It has now become public knowledge that Riot threatened to fine TSM if they did not take down the video from their own YouTube channel for what was perceived to be—as RiotMagus put it—“a tactic [sic] advertisement for another game.”

- HTC eSports

The company went on to say that it did not intend to purposely break any of Riot’s rules or get anyone in trouble. TSM wasn’t playing the game to try to advertise Raw Data, and the game’s creators, Survivos, didn’t even ask HTC or TSM to play the game.

Survios, the creators of Raw Data, did not make any financial investment into the production of the video, nor did they approach us to get it made. TSM selected Raw Data themselves after reviewing a list of Vive games as they felt it would resonate most with their fans.

- HTC eSports

HTC continued to discuss the issue with League of Legends teams involving themselves in other games. If a player can stream a different game, why can’t an organization upload a YouTube video of its players playing a different game (especially when that organization holds teams across multiple titles)?

Riot has not yet responded to the remarks.