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Yorick’s new voiceover is appropriately spooky

“I will not damn you, I will end you.”

Riot Games

One of League’s long-forgotten champions, Yorick has recently received a significant facelift, both literally and thematically, with a whole new kit to go with a visual rework. But it’s not just the video portion that’s changing — Yorick’s audio is getting a completely new track as well.

You guessed it -- it’s real spooky, to go along with his undertaker/gravedigger theme. So here is 23 minutes of Yorick’s new voice, along with the voice of the Maiden of the Mist, who he summons with his new ultimate ability.

Some of our favorites:

“Your kind is supposed to live long. I am sorry.”

“Red is the heart that barely beats in me.”

“Tired, ancient and half-dead ... still, I come for you.”

“[Your human form is so confining ... you could be infinite.] I am enough.”

“I am the rift between life and death ... the thin divide between breath and grave.”