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Kled’s model used to be a Gnar riding a tiny Hecarim

Here’s the proof.

The champion design of Kled provided some specific challenges for Riot. While he’s not the first 2-in-1 champion (Nidalee, Elise and Jayce all have two sets of abilities), he is the first to have a mount who can separate from him.

So, naturally, the team had to try some new things out when designing him. Like putting Gentleman Gnar on top of a tiny Hecarim, with excellent footage released at this year’s Leaguefest.

Part of me kinda wishes it had stayed this way, as much as I love Kled’s current design. The awkwardness of both of their attack animations running at the same time is almost too good to pass up. And hey, Kled-Gnar yordle synergy!

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