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Why you should root for Splyce vs. G2 in the EU LCS final

If this doesn’t sell you, nothing will.

Riot Games

The EU LCS finals are this weekend in Krakow, where No. 1 G2 Esports will take on No. 2 Splyce. I’m here to tell you why your rooting interests should be with Splyce instead of the defending champions.

You were probably expected some long-winded defense, with stats and stories about how G2 is evil and Splyce are just the plucky Danish (+ Slovenian) underdogs no one expected to be here. You were maybe even expecting some background on Splyce head coach YamatoCannon, one of the most entertaining personalities in the sport, or maybe even an argument related to the fact that G2 has already punched its ticket to Worlds while Splyce needs a win to do so.

No, I’m just here to show you this, from last week’s semifinal vs. H2K:


If you’re not here for that unbridled joy and enthusiasm, I’m not here for you either. LET’S GO SPLYCE!