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Solo queue is coming back for high-level League players

Dynamic queue will be gone in Diamond and above.

Riot Games

Riot’s lead producer, NEW001, made a new “Riot Pls” post addressing the 2017 ranked season and the changes the company plans on making. Big changes mainly focus on the higher parts of the ladder, such as changing Challenger to solo queue only.

Diamond and Master tier will be solo and duo queue only. Dynamic queue at these tiers has always been relatively problematic because it’s harder to evenly match-make with so few of these players. This change should help with queue times and team balance. (No more Dynamic Queue-ing against all of Immortals when you’re only in Diamond! Yay!)

Challenger and Master tier will also have tighter decay rules to “encourage healthier competition.” There was no explanation of what this meant.

Riot is also considering rewarding Challenger players with physical rewards! Neat.

The autofill feature will change so that players in their promotional series will not be forced to autofill. Riot knows that autofilling sucks and it’s trying to make that happen less.

NEW001 noted that a bigger announcement with details will be coming in September.