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Championship Zed revealed, Championship Riven available again

You can now play a full Championship skin team! And don’t worry, original Championship Riven players...

Riot Games

Rioter Paul “Pabro” Bellezza posted a tease on the PBE boards that revealed Championship Riven will indeed be available to purchase this year. Oh yeah, and he also said that this year’s Championship skin is going to Zed. (Dang, Riot. You’re making the Championship skin team a quadruple AD team? Unfortunate.)

Fear not, longtime owners of Riven’s skin. You will be compensated. Not only will you get a fancy loading screen border, but you’ll also have special particles when you use your skin!

Riot Games

If you are an original owner of Championship Riven, we are adding in some extra in-game recognition for you. Firstly, we will be making a custom vintage loading screen banner that is different than previous versions so people will know you’re an OG.

Secondly, we’re creating a “vintage” version of her in-game model that features an exclusive crown and a glowing particle on her sword when her ultimate, “Blade of the Exile” is activated. Original owners will get the “vintage” version of her updated model and the new version as well.

- Riot Pabro on his post about the skins

Riot Games

The League of Legends Instagram also posted a video showing off the two’s backing animation. Neat!

PBE Preview: Championship Zed and Championship Riven

A video posted by leagueoflegends (@leagueoflegends) on

Riven’s skin will be getting a full retexture, since she was a little clunky looking in comparison to the newer Championship skins. Her, along with Championship Zed, should be up for testing on PBE soon.