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Sashimi Akali, Butcher Olaf and Barbecue Leona join Baker Pantheon as League’s new cooking skins


With Patch 6.17 just hours away, Riot has continued their tease of the Patch 6.18 PBE cycle. Yesterday we not only saw a leaked gif of Yorick’s new model, but also got the announcement of the Baker Pantheon skin (a skin that players have been begging Riot to make for years now).

Well, it seems like Riot was in a culinary mood, because today they teased 3 other food skins in the forms of Sashimi Akali, Butcher Olaf, and Barbeque Leona.

PBE Preview: Sashimi Akali, Butcher Olaf, Barbecue Leona, Baker Pantheon

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Once these skins release we will have 6 cooks in the League of Legends kitchen, including of course Sinful Succulence Morgana and Master Chef Tahm Kench. Things may be a little crowded with a butcher, a baker, a cookie chef, a sashimi cook, with someone on the barbeque and Tahm Kench barking orders from the back, but I can’t help feeling like we are missing a crucial part of our cooking composition...Riot, where is my Fudge Volcano Cake Kog’Maw skin?

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