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Yorick’s new champion model is handsomer, has better posture

Here’s your first look at the visual part of his rework.

Update, 8/23: The full rework has been revealed, abilities and all!

It appears that League of Legends Italia has leaked the new model for the Yorick rework that was teased last Friday. The gif depicts a newer, handsomer Yorick with much better posture. As he stabs his signature shovel into the Summoner’s Rift, two ghouls emerge from behind him, leaping into the camera.

Here’s New Yorick and Old Yorick side-by-side:

This leak comes ahead of the long-promised rework for the champion. Details for the rework, including his fully revamped kit, are anticipated to be revealed this week. Alongside this reveal, he will be added onto the PBE for testing ahead of his presumed launch onto live 2 weeks from now.

Yorick’s Signature Shovel
Riot Games

A Yorick rework has been in the works for over 3 years at this point and he is the only champion to have been removed from the Free to Play weekly rotation.