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Pantheon can finally be a baker thanks to this new skin

He’s always wanted to be a baker!

Ever since Pantheon was released, fans have yearned for a Baker Pantheon skin (here’s a request from September 2010). It all stems from his in-game joke: “My profession?! You know, now that I think of it, I've always wanted to be a baker.”

Riot teased fans with their post on Instagram and Facebook Monday.

"I've always wanted to be a baker." - Pantheon #leagueoflegends #baked

A video posted by leagueoflegends (@leagueoflegends) on

Not only do we learn how to make tasty bread, but we get to see the new shiny Pantheon skin!

The quote (along with many of Pantheon’s other quotes) is a reference to the movie 300, when King Leonidas asks about his soldiers’ professions.

It should be noted that Pantheon wants to be a baker, but he isn’t one, unlike the people in the clip. This means he’s a real soldier. Duh.

Pantheon will be the third champion in the game to receive a “cooking” based skin, the first being Morgana with her Sinful Succulence skin and the second being Tahm Kench with his Master Chef skin.

I’m just hoping they eventually add a matching sun-baking Leona skin.