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Get ready for the EU LCS finals with this hype video


The EU LCS finals are set for this weekend in Krakow, with the top two seeds making it through the bracket with a chance to win it all. No. 1 seed G2 Esports will mount their title defense against No. 2 Splyce, a surprise success this season after an eighth-place finish last split.

And guess what? THERE BE DRAGONS.

If you’re interested in learning more about the history of the Wawel Dragon, a famous figure in Polish folklore, well, Wikipedia has everything you’d ever want to know (probably, I don’t know you).

Maybe we’ll finally get the Dragon vs. Dragon Aurelion Sol vs. Shyvana matchup that everyone’s been waiting for. Orrrr maybe not, considering Aurelion Sol was disabled in the North American semifinals after a weird bug and Shyvana hasn’t been played in a premier region since Hai pulled it out for Cloud9 in the NA Regional Finals in August 2015.