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Here’s why you don’t go for an early Baron when the other team has Gangplank

Barrels = disaster.

Now that the playoffs have concluded in Korea, the promotion tournament has started. After losing its first series against Kongdoo Monster, one of the teams relegated last split, last-place CJ Entus had to turn around that same day and play SBENU, the other team relegated at the end of last split.

Since the match took place in the loser’s bracket, it was win or go home. And after taking control of the game with a dominant team fight, SBENU did what you are never, ever supposed to do: go for Baron with low health at 23 minutes when the enemy team has a Gangplank.

Oh, the humanity. Shy showed no mercy there, and neither did Madlife, who came in at the last minute to steal the pentakill.

On Saturday, CJ Entus plays the loser of the winner’s bracket final (ESC Ever vs. Kongdoo on Thursday). The winner will qualify for the 2017 LCK Spring Split, while the loser will be sent to the Challenger Series.