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These new Sion splash arts are satisfyingly full of rage


Riot Games

Sion is a champion who has undergone some drastic makeovers in his time, but one thing hadn’t changed in a while: his splash arts for some of his older skins (as in, every single one except for the awesome Mecha Zero Sion). As a Sion main, I can confirm that they didn’t exactly live up to his reputation as an anger-filled destruction machine hellbent on death.

Well, there’s no worries there anymore. Sion’s long-awaited new splashes are out, as released on Twitter by Riot’s Ququroon.

Without further ado, Hextech Sion:

Riot Games

Barbarian Sion:

Riot Games

Lumberjack Sion:

Riot Games

Warmonger Sion:

Riot Games

Official new Sion skin rankings, going by splash art:

  1. Mecha Zero
  2. Lumberjack
  3. Hextech
  4. Warmonger
  5. Barbarian