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Are the new PROJECT Hextech boxes worth the money?

If you LOVE skins, yes, you should do it. If you're just pinning for one skin, then nope, just buy yourself that skin.

Riot Games

I dropped $25 on a Riot points gift card so I could try to grab some cool stuff. Was it worth it? I’d say yes.

Let me premise this by explaining why I was so eager for the augment caches to drop in the shop. I’m a Vayne main and I’ve been thirsting for gemstones so I could grab Soulstealer Vayne. Riot hinted weeks ago that there will be bundles that you can buy that include gemstones. Great! So I grabbed some RP and waited only to find out that the bundles were...expensive.

The bundle that includes 10 augment caches and one gemstone was 2950 RP, which is almost all of the $25 gift card.

(If you don’t know what augment caches are, you should catch up real quick here!)

Well, I bought this gift card for this event, so I figured “Why not?” and I bought the bundle.

I opened 12 augment caches total, since I got a free one from buying the special icon bundles and another free one from gaining enough shards from the 10 original caches.

Out of the possible 24 shards, I only received two champion shards (Vladimir and Malzahar) and 22 skin shards! Score!

Skin shards I obtained included:

  • SKT T1 Zed
  • Arcade Sona
  • Aether Wing Kayle
  • Firecracker Jinx (twice!)
  • Radiant Wukong
  • Dragon Tamer Tristana
  • Poro Rider Sejuani
  • Goalkeeper Blitzcrank
  • Goalkeeper Maokai
  • Headmistress Fiora
  • Frozen Terror Nocturne
  • Caterpillar Kog’Maw
  • King Tryndamere
  • Beast Hunter Tryndamere
  • Full Machine Viktor
  • Augmented Singed
  • Sewn Chaos Orianna
  • Coral Reef Malphite
  • Arctic Ops Kennen
  • Hot Rod Corki
  • SSW Rengar

Out of these, I decided to keep Dragon Tamer Tristana, Headmistress Fiora and Arcade Sona. Before I get tomatoes thrown at me for tossing Aether Wing Kayle and some of those other high-cost skins, please be aware that I already own a lot of these. (I’m a skin fiend.) I disenchanted a butt-ton of shards so I could activate those three and rerolled the rest.

Permanently I got:

  • Justicar Syndra
  • Warring Kingdoms Nidalee
  • Guardian of the Sands Skarner
  • Jurassic Cho’Gath

I did reroll some permanent skins that I got that I didn’t have the champions for, like Kingpin Twitch.

Overall I’m pretty happy with the skins I got! I’ve been notoriously unlucky when rerolling permanent skins, but I actually like the skins I got a lot.

I obviously got over $25 worth of skins, but it’s all up to luck. I’d recommend giving it a shot because it seems that it’s more likely to get skin shards than it is champion shards, and that’s where all the good loot is.

Conclusion: I paid $25 for skins and I wanted Soulstealer Vayne, but I walked out with a bunch of other good stuff.