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The new PROJECT: skins have arrived and look awesome

PROJECT: Ashe, Ekko and Katarina are here!

Riot Games

The new PROJECT: skins were announced nearly a month ago, and they are finally here. Ashe, Katarina and Ekko get to join the crew with slick futuristic skins, as this teaser video dropped late Monday (with the skins appearing in the store soon after).

Here’s what the skins look like in-game. PROJECT: Ashe costs 1820 RP, while PROJECT: Ekko and PROJECT: Katarina cost 1350.

Riot Games

As well as this new Recon Drone Ward skin, which costs 640 RP:

Riot Games

Ashe's hood toggles ~2400 units from friendly turrets, or your own base. That and her sweet eyepatch definitely makes it a coveted skin.

With the arrival of the new skins, there’s also a chance to get some cheap bundles as a part of PROJECT Hextech Crafting. There are caches, cores and shards, so it can sound confusing, but don’t worry — we’ve got you covered with a guide. There’s more information on Riot’s FAQ page as well.