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League of Legends may increase to 10 bans per game

Other changes are coming soon!

Riot Games

Rioter Andrei “Meddler” van Roon posted on the League of Legends website about upcoming changes players will be seeing before Worlds and doing the pre-season.

League of Legends started out with six bans per game, though throughout the years, the game has accumulated more and more champions to play. Because of this, the company is considering upping the amount of bans per draft game by four (two per team).

This however means that players would have to own four more (to make a total of 20) champions on their account in order to play in draft mode.

Adding four more bans increases the number of champions needed to play ranked by four. Is that a problem? A benefit?

- Meddler on his State of Gameplay post

This isn’t complete blasphemy, considering that as the meta changes and the list of champions expand, players should be expected to learn how to play more champions.

However, 10 bans can lead to turmoil when target banning players in the professional scene. If each team can ban five champions, how many of those champions will be mid-laners and AD carries? This means that potentially, a player would have to have to be able to play 11 champions per role. Meddler noted that nothing is definite yet and the team definitely wants feedback from both professionals and regular players.

Meddler also noted that changes are coming to turrets and how they pick when to fire at an enemy champion.

One major change is that the turret will now respond to a “call for help” from allied champions. If the allied champion is out of the turret’s range, but an attacking enemy champion is in the turret’s range, the turret will fire at the enemy champion.

Riot Games

The changes to bans will not be coming before Worlds, since Worlds will be played in 6.18, but there will probably be nerfs coming to Ashe, Gragas, Jhin, Trundle and others. There will also likely be buffs to Jayce, Draven, Malphite and more.

It was also noted that pre-season will begin on patch 6.22 or 6.23 with the highly-anticipated assassin update! Woohoo!