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G2 embraces its reputation as EU’s villains with latest funny video

Ever wanted to see Expect urinate on the H2K logo? Today’s your lucky day.

After winning the EU LCS in its first split with some trash talk along the way, G2 Esports started to gain a reputation of being the “villains” of EU. After a questionable decision to vacation before MSI led to a disastrous international performance for Europe, G2’s status in the region among other fans wasn’t exactly helped.

Then G2 signed Origen’s star bottom lane before the Summer Split, and things really kicked off. G2 won its second regular season split in a row, and now the team is fully embracing that villainous identity with its latest video, a parody of a Riot video from May:

In it, G2 does mean things to the logos of all other nine EU LCS teams from this split. Here are all of them:

  1. Giants — spray-painted over logo

2. ROCCAT — pushed a fan

3. Splyce — tore the logo in half

4. FC Schalke 04 — relegated the logo to under a shoe

5. Unicorns of Love — broke a mug

6. Vitality — spray-painted over logo AND flicked it off

7. Origen -- spray-painted over logo

8. Fnatic — threw a hat

9. H2K — spray-painted over logo and PEED ON IT