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Katarina will still spin in her assassin update, but changes are coming

Ready for trouble?

Riot Games

Katarina’s new kit was teased by Rioter Beluga Whale on the League of Legends forum.

The Rioter notes that they like that Katarina is a high-risk high-reward champion and they want to keep her that way. However, her main problem lies in the fact that her flurry of skills typically happens so quickly that there is little time to counter her.

In teamfights, there is no more frustrating experience than playing against Katarina when she can cast 5 spell rotations as fast as possible, blinking all over the screen in a completely un-interactible mess of blades. Like the other Assassins in the other updates, we are addings windows in her kill pattern that opponents will be able to meaningfully interact with.

- Beluga Whale on Katarina’s assassin update

Her laning phase is also a problem, since it’s just her tossing her Bouncing Blades around every now and then. Riot has said that big changes are coming so that laning phase is just as exciting as the rest of the game for her.

Her W, Sinister Steel, will also be completely changed to something new.

In addition to this, Riot is strongly considering removing Katarina’s ability to ward jump using Shunpo, since ward jumping typically gives her too easy of a free escape. To make up for this, the company will be reworking her resets to allow her to continue to make flashy plays.

Beluga Whale also responded to a fan’s concern about Katarina not spinning anymore and confirmed that she will indeed still spin, if not more than she used to! Woohoo!

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