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Jynthe named Team Liquid’s starting AD Carry for upcoming Regional Qualifiers

Jynthe is TL’s third different starter at the position this summer.

Riot Games

Phil “Jynthe” Vu will replace Jovani “fabbbyyy” Guillen full-time as Team Liquid’s AD Carry, the team announced Monday on its Facebook page.

Our 1-3 quarterfinal loss to CLG ends this Team Liquid’s playoff run for the 2016 NA LCS Summer Split. Team Liquid will...

Team Liquid LoL 貼上了 2016年8月15日

Jynthe made a surprise appearance in the final two games of Team Liquid’s quarterfinal series vs. Counter Logic Gaming. Trailing two games to none, Jynthe entered in Game 3. He gave up First Blood but had a pretty good game, finishing 7/2/6 on Ashe (the champion he is known for) and leading Liquid to its only win of the series. Liquid lost Game 4, and he went 0/4/1 on Ashe.

While fabbbyyy put together some good performances on utility AD Carries this split, he ranked last in the league in damage share (18.8 percent) and damage per minute (373). In the playoff series against CLG, fabbbyyy’s damage share was higher than that (21.2 percent) but his damage per minute was even lower (358). In his two games, Jynthe’s damage share was the same as fabbbyyy’s playoff number (21.2) but his damage per minute was higher (397, still last among every playoff ADC not named fabbbyyy).

Jynthe only recently became eligible after being one of nine Escalate Legion Gaming players suspended for using a ringer to qualify for the Challenger Series qualifier. He was also previously a member of Team Frostbite.

fabbbyyy only recently replaced Gwang-jin “Piglet” Chae as Team Liquid’s starting AD Carry. Piglet spent most of the season as Team Liquid Academy’s starting AD Carry in the Challenger Series, meaning the former world champion was ineligible to sub in for fabbbyyy in the playoffs. Plus, he already left for Korea.

Jynthe will play for Team Liquid in the upcoming Regional Qualifier, where Team Liquid, Team Envy and two of the remaining four playoff teams will play a king-of-the-hill style tournament for North America’s final spot at Worlds.