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Here’s your first look at Arcade Ezreal’s splash art

Arcade Ezreal, Arcade Ahri and Arcade Corki are being released soon.


A little more than a week ago, splash arts for Arcade Ahri and Arcade Corki were leaked onto League’s new alpha client. In the leak, we also learned there would be Arcade Ezreal as one of the newest batch of retro video game-styled skins. But there was no splash yet for the highly anticipated Arcade Ezreal.

Well, wait no longer, Arcade Ezreal’s splash is here, as you can see above (via a tweet from SurrenderAt20’s Moobeat).

Here’s a look at how he’ll appear in-game, including his recall animations and each of his abilities:

If you want a refresher, here are the splashes for Arcade Ahri and Arcade Corki:

Riot Games
Riot Games

The three new Arcade skins are tentatively priced at 1350 RP. Their release will also coincide with the release of new icons and a new ward skin.


The new Arcade skins should be released with Patch 6.17, so in about a week or two.