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And the highest win rate on 6.16 is ... Skarner?


Riot Games

Patch 6.16 hit the rift a few days ago, with buffs to Nautilus, Lulu and other champions in tow. And while Nautilus saw his win rate go up and other champions are also rising, there’s one unexpected name on top of’s win rate leaderboards: Skarner.

That’s right — Skarner has the highest win rate of any champion in ranked games at Platinum or above, sitting at 54.85 percent (just above Soraka’s 54.76 percent). Along with Skarner and Soraka, Amumu and Kayle also sit above 54 percent, while Ashe rounds out the top five.

Skarner was briefly a solo queue terror following last year’s midseason Juggernaut update, but hasn’t been changed since four consecutive nerfs after that. His last appearance in the patch notes was 5.24.

So what gives? Well, there are two explanations here: 1) Skarner’s play rate is still very low (2.72 percent), so small sample sizes play into this and 2) most Skarners are now building the new Trinity Force after his jungle item, giving him significantly more punch with his already annoying kit.

Skarner’s been above a 53 percent win rate for the last few patches now, but this as high as he’s been in a while. Expect a nerf coming soon, it’s fair to say.