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Changes to Nautilus’ ultimate boosts his top lane win rate

The tide ebbs.

Riot Games

Are you ready for the return of Nautilus? The tank’s changes to his ultimate gave him more crowd-control in patch 6.16.

The changes made it so anyone who was in the line of fire for Depth Charge would be stunned after being knocked up and the target would be knocked up for a full one second.

According to, Nautilus’ top-lane win-rate rose .73 percent to 50.42 percent, but his win-rate as support and jungler fell. He moved up 11 places in the top lane rankings, most of anyone on 6.16 except for Karthus.

While these changes might not seem too big, it dramatically can change a team fight. Depth Charge is typically used to single out a carry in the back line, ignoring the tanks in the front and knocking up those who get in the way.

The common problem was that following up was hard. The carry would typically create more distance between themselves and Nautilus, so even if he did knock them up, he couldn’t get to them before the crowd-control wore off. Knocking up the front line was helpful, but the second the tanks hit the ground, they just destroy anyone who was trying to cross through them.

However, since these changes now stun the front line and knock up the target for longer, following-up should be much easier.